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    E-Helpline - Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate

    Customs Commissionerate, Jodhpur

    (FOR THE TRADE IN Customs Commissionerate, Jodhpur)

    Trade can seek clarifications under the following 3 categories. They are :

    1. Assessment  Related Issues 2. Procedural Delays Related Issues 3. EDI Systems Related Issues

    While sending mail to Office of the Commissioner's Customs, kindly see that your query contains the following details without fail:

    1.    Your PAN based Registration Number
    2.    Location Code, Port/Range And Division Name
    3.    The Category under which you seek the HELPLINE
      Please mention ONE of the following: Assessment Related Issues / Procedural Delays    Related / EDI Systems Related Issues
    4.    Your Address, Contact Number and email address
    5.    Nature of help required by you. Please explain in detail.  Attachments can also be sent.

    Kindly note down the mail address, based on the category of help you require, and mail us with all the above particulars.

    Assessment Related Issues Procedural Delays Related Issues EDI Systems Related Issues
    custech-jpr-rj[at]gov[dot]in custech-jpr-rj[at]gov[dot]in edihqrs-custjpr[at]gov[dot]in